Free funded places available for children aged 2+, please ask us for details

Kings Castle Montessori Nursery

Open all year – From birth to 5 – Flexible sessions – Funded places available



Main policies

As part of our registration procedure, we ask you to confirm in writing on the registration form that that you have read the following essential policies:

  • Safeguarding: Our safe-guarding policy explains how we follow government guidelines for safeguarding children, to ensure the safety of all children left in our care.
  • Intimate care: this policy outlines how we will carry out any care of that nature.
  • Equal Opportunities: At Kings Castle we abide by an equal opportunities policy for staff, parents and children. We treat each child with love, respect, care and equality regardless of race, religion, ability, or gender.
  • Behaviour Management: This policy outlines the promotion of positive behaviour through our ‘Golden Rules’, praise and role modelling. Whilst detailing how we deal with in a developmentally appropriate way with any unwanted behaviours.
  • Data Protection, Privacy and Confidentiality (GDPR): This policy explains what data we collect for each child / parent / carer, what this data is used for, how the data is stored etc. Our policy ensures that all information about you and your child remains confidential and is stored using the correct methods. Please click here to see our Data Protection and Privacy Policy.

Our Full Range of Policies

Kings Castle has a complete set of policies available for parents on request.

  • Administration of Medicine Policy
  • Behaviour Management Policy
  • Complaints Policy and Procedure
  • Confidentiality Policy
  • Equal Opportunities Policy
  • Health and Hygiene Policy
  • Keeping Animals Policy
  • Late Collection Policy
  • Laundry and Utensils Policy
  • Lost Child Policy
  • Mobile phone/Cameras policy
  • Non Smoking Policy
  • Outings / Trips Policy
  • Parental Involvement Policy
  • Safeguarding Children Policy
  • Safety Policy and Practice
  • Settling-in Policy and Procedure
  • Sick Children Policy
  • Special Needs Policy
  • Staffing and Employment Policy
  • Student Placement Policy